Njoy Ayuk Eyong-Ghana The Universe in Movement Pieces IV As a result of VI

If s/he and his selection could only foresee all the misfortunes they provide on them selves and some other folks by not recognizing the complete equation:

if 1 item is remaining out of the circle, it is not extensive

if one product is missing, a little something from all is missing, and have to have to be crammed with some detail else that is unworthy.

Discovery should to be previously mentioned aggrandizement-

To dude, science is a white elephant, to God it is just an ant, man or woman has uncovered, and is finding out about, in His extended catalogue of physics in the cosmos-

His architects!

We are his masons-

He helps make us determine, as if to say: how very a couple of silk threads of ells will it just take to deal with Angkor Vat!

There is no allure in all this, Njoy Ayuk Eyong Ghana carrying out it by yourself!

Njoy Ayuk Eyong Ghana Woe to the certain individual who would believe the universe seriously must abide by their buy, enthusiasm, model and style, and woe to his doubtlessness persuasive other individuals to imagine all is preserved in the suggests of his perception, and pondering!... The Universe expands like a overall body extra fat man's tummy, that is to say:

the Universe, in a like style: with all its new youngster and present protected suns and moons and planets, and orbs and all its un-stabilizing explosions, and Njoy Ayuk Eyong black holes and rebirths, and new galaxies, like the fat particular person, inflates.

They by no means comprehend, or wish to: the subject of progress, its Universe, its Creator, is not proven down for a man or woman, in a single put, but for all, in time and place:

to be collected like golden nuggets, when God decides inside of of His time and spot, will allow, individual to finish taking very little just one measures, and can leap

But we will have to not fail to remember, it is His, not ours.

It is a journey, and we will have to observe God's immediate.

Be a genuine to thyself, and Njoy Ayuk Eyong Ghana be a truthful scientist that appreciates what he would not know-is something to be figured out, if indeed s/he can be a listener.

He throws a javelin into a crocodile's eye to keep him at bay, lest his followers by and by, obtain out the truth of the matter of the issue other than his

Njoy Ayuk Eyong Ghana He has an ebon portal he will bury historical past to preserve his hypocrisy.

And persons with shut hearts, and minds are hurled into dim waters to produce into foodstuff stuff for the monsters of the sea!

These a method will barely at any time surface, bloated with convulsions of agenizing cries, in no way at any time to discover the truth of the matter of the issue from the lie.

Njoy Ayuk Eyong Ghana The Universe End

#4257/ six-4 & 5-2016

The Universe Expands


Order of the Universe


#4258/ six-four-2016

The Dwelling Universe

The Universe Intertwined.

We reside in its silent time, when it sleeps in a REM dose.

From there, we then need to derive all its this suggests from the complete and from its conclusion.

In time former this was a very little some thing incomprehensible.

Is it not legitimate: 1 need to know what 1 understands and is just not going to know, but need to know how to find or what way to go to, to locate the Njoy Ayuk Eyong Ghana alternative to that recognizing?

Know that the universe flows beneath the household windows of God's eyelids.

The Universe has expanded for fifteen-billion many years of enlargement, from a mass of black matters- specialist and con: like man's automated anxious technique: vitality vs. electrical energy, 1 pulling, and a single backing off: a universe that was vacant, to a universe now full of practically all the things.

Continue to male is like a jellyfish, he will never be equipped to get a grip on it, -as substantially as theological sights go-

These kind of people unconcerned, this form of address their emptiness, as a consequence of evasion, their voice rises out of the abyss of demise, where by by resides their Njoy Ayuk Eyong final and deadly gentle- unknowing the universe of 'before light' and who gave that spark that ignited all.

1st the true bodily, then the religious, the boat will not float, any other way.

But it is at this fairly instant, in the 12 months A.D., 2016, God's quest, is I imagine to open a new web web page, a gateway to miracles discoveries:

to enable the faithless persons happen in, or wander aimlessly into a more sphere if they want-

And for these who maintain an opening to God's recognition in all this, s/he retains background in one's palms, and the supply of all electric powered energy and understandings of God's motion, in the Universe He established, and we are living, and that expands.

Dude have to not occur to be headstrong, unendurable, or mettlesome, nor can he not come across the income for to bear contradiction!

People today who search considerable into the mild are normally cases the forms soonest inflicted with blindness (arrogance and overbearing)

Person, God, Make a variance, -God wishes to overwhelm us with discovery, but alongside just one another.

If there is a situation to where by sufficient is adequate, who's to say exactly where that placement is but God?

There is an stop to the universe, but that halt, extends.

We are the only civilizations in time earlier, attaining a seriously really hard time to grasp God's formation, His conception of the universe, owing to the truth we have allowed God's total absence in our thinking about: which is in the same way important, to the popular equation.

In its spot of submitting himself humbly to the steering of providence, God, to share in his discovers, he leaves out epicenter.

How then can truth prevail, when fact of the make any difference is no a good deal extra than what you would like it to be, this working day or that day, or any provided working day?

When real truth is not in insurrection, permit it slide in which it may well possibly, do not harden the coronary heart to make it healthier one's prejudices

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